At Cedars Preschool, we are dedicated to providing a nurturing and caring environment that meets your needs and the needs of your infant. Our infant classroom is designed to develop physical, emotional, social, and cognitive skills for babies between the ages of six weeks and twelve months. Our experienced teachers provide high-quality care with particular attention to support and inform parents in the development of the baby.

At Cedars Preschool, through guidance of our experienced teachers, toddlers will enjoy learning experiences that will promote independence and foster self-confidence in a safe and nurturing environment. Inside the classroom we will focus on social and emotional development and interaction with peers. We will also provide opportunities for language development and clarity of speech. Teachers will encourage creativity through activities that develop large and small motor skills.

Our PreK 3 classroom builds on the independence and skills learned as a toddler and continues to advance both social skills and emotional control while encouraging children to learn more communication and the integration of the critical relationships with other friends. At this fun age, our teachers work to shape young minds while encouraging more exploration, along with daily academics.

Our Pre K Classrooms are all about fine tuning as kids journey toward big kid school. We focus on Kindergarten readiness with a true plan to assess and evaluate each child to get them the continued loving care they have come to expect and the academic development they need to be ready for Kindergarten. We’ll be learning more than letters and numbers. We will be building the base for reading, writing, math, and science.

School-aged children are truly welcomed at Cedars. We’ve built a fun after-school space to unwind and let off some steam. Whether it’s outdoor play or finding a quiet corner to relax and unwind, your school-aged children are provided with all the tools and space they need to be kids. From summer camp to school breaks, we have what they want and need. 

Let us tell you about the Parent Engagement App. We use the best real-time childcare electronic application available. Our setting in classrooms are fitted with iPads or android tablets using the Parent Engagement App exclusive to the preschool industry. Now, you’ll have information of all of your child’s activities throughout the day — from naps and meals in the infant room to diaper changes and fun tummy time, and more. In the preschool age, we use the Parent Engagement App to share curriculum progress and developmental milestones so you can see how great a Cedars Preschool education is. Let us show you the developmental experience right at your fingertips.